Porsche PC Photoshoot

What happens when you need content, but can't leave the house? You put your die-cast Porsche on top of your graphics card and start taking photos. This shoot was inspired by the game, Cyberpunk 2077 and specifically, Johnny Silverhand's Porsche in the year 2077 with neon lights. 

Inside my Lian-Li Dynamic 011 XL case, I have a Gigabyte RTX 3060Ti that's lit up by Type S Automotive lights. These are lighting kits made for cars that I spliced into my power supply to run off the 12V lines. It even has a Blutooth app to control everything. I chose an alternating directional Cyan and Magenta theme. I also had an outside light that I covered with a magenta vinyl strip to give me additional magenta from the outside which worked pretty well.

I knew the lighting alone would've made a great photo, but the composition was pretty tricky. I didn't have an exact idea of what I wanted to do, so I used all of my lenses to see what worked the best. 

  • Tamron 28-75 f2.8
  • Canon FD 50mm 1.8
  • Tamron 135mm f2.5
  • Kamlan 50mm f1.1
  • Sony 28mm f2

I ended up using the Sony 28mm f2 for both the over head photo as well as the above wide angle. I think getting the most hardware in the frame yielded the best results. 

Finally, I wanted a close up of the Porsche so I used the Tamron 135, but still found it a little too far from the die-cast car. The shot was still great, almost shrinking the car compared to the previous photos while giving a soft blur on the back and foreground. 

Post processing for these photos was pretty quick, minor color boosts, lifting the black levels and then balancing the highlights. Here's a photo with very minor touch up compared to the original. I lowered the highlights on the white car while boosting the colors and compressing the shadows so it gets lifted for that faded look. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results below, although it's the weakest photo of the bunch. 

This is my first time shooting die-cast cars, but with how easy I was able to get the scene set up and lit, I think I'll be doing this again with other cars. 
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